For anyone who is charged with DUI in Kern County, your car or truck could be impounded by the police. This presents, at the minimum, an inconvenience for yourself and your loved ones who may rely upon the vehicle and can escalate the level of a hardship. A specialized Kern County DUI attorney may, under certain circumstances, manage to help you obtain a waiver of the impound requirement.

The automobile you had been operating or an additional car or truck that is recorded in your name could very well be required to be impounded or immobilized after an arrest for driving under the influence. This would not run concurrent with any jail or prison time, so it is far better to hold off until after the realization of any sentence prior to making arrangements for impoundment.

The length of impoundment varies depending on the amount of DUI offenses you've had. A Kern County Judge may order the car impounded for a period of not more than six months for a first Kern County DUI conviction, and not more than twelve months for a second or subsequent Kern County DUI conviction:

The order for impoundment can be fulfilled by delivering your car or truck to a local impound lot or utilizing an authorized private firm to impound or immobilize the automobile elsewhere. The motorist who received the DUI charge typically doesn't need to be present. Failure to comply with the impoundment order (by the driver or owner) can bring about a violation of the driver's probation.

Be aware that the vehicle can be required to be impounded even if the person arrested for the DUI is not the registered owner. Waivers can be obtained by the owner if he can show that the automobile was stolen or that he acquired your car or truck after the offense (but not as a way for the offender to avoid impoundment). It may also be possible to obtain an impoundment waiver in the event the vehicle is the only real transportation for the family of the owner.


If you have been faced with driving under the influence in Kern County, it is important that you talk with a competent DUI legal professional. Expert attorneys can assist you to navigate the legal system and devise an effective defense strategy to help you have charges reduced or dropped, minimize penalties, and protect your rights and freedom.